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Netbook isn’t $100 Pc or Cheap Computer For Student

about 4 or 3 years ago started a concept of cheap computer ( $100 pc project). This concept is integrating linux operation system with minimum hardware, eg less then 1GHZ proccessor, wifi, no harddisk and 1megapixel display. but what happend nowadays?

Many people said Netbook will be the chepest computer. it’s sounds Like a daydreaming. Until now, Vendors are still using Microsoft Windows as netbook operating system and exactly the hardware designed for Ms Windows OS.

Top netbook OEMs like Acer, Asus, Dell, and Lenovo have long histories of recommending Windows to their customers. Sure, they can improve their margins with Linux, but what are the risks associated with that reward? Is Linux mature enough not to frustrate users? Most of all, how much Linux support will consumers expect? PC vendors already have the burden of supporting Windows. Is taking on support of another OS (even a better one) something that’s ultimately cost-effective?

Yes This is the question and also the answer “why netbook is not $100pc project or Cheap computer for students”. so what will we do?
Decrease our expected?

  1. 10 Oktober 2010 pukul 10:49 AM

    pertamax gan!!

    nih kelompok terbawah ya??? kok bisa??

    postingannya kren2 nih…. waaaaah

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